UET Scenario & Requirement

Audio Visual Technologies for Smart Classroom

University of Engineering Technology:

University of Engineering Technology had received International Funding for designing Smart Classrooms with Lecture Recording Capabilities in their newly designed “Center for Advanced Studies” Building.
They had a rough idea on how the solution would work and had Software Based Solutions in mind.


Audio Visual Technologies for Smart Classroom

Solution to the University Management:

Our team conducted a Survey, visited the University and collected information with our Hardware and Software Team. We arranged a demonstration and proposed a solution to the University Management, IT Personnel and International Funding Agencies based on their requirements. Our solution was approved.

Customized Application Integrated with APIs:

Our Deployments were of End to End Solution. BenQ Interactive Flat Panel with Android Browser Based Customized Application integrated with APIs of our Arec Lecture Capture Equipment allowed teachers to come to class, turn the BenQ Interactive Flat Panel On, click on the Application and Start Recording the Lecture by pressing Recording Icon. With the Arec Auto Tracking Camera and Computer all connected to the Arec Media Station, their Lectures could be seen Live in Real Time, also they were recorded and transferred to their Local Server Storage. Last but no the least, students regsitered in their respective classes could see their lectures from online Anytime Anywhere.

Audio Visual Technologies for Smart Classroom
Audio Visual Technologies for Smart Classroom

Customized Android Application:

Our Customized Android Application and Later Opencast Module allowed Administrator, Teachers and Students to login with their respective login accounts and access, view, modify content, tools, setting and ttc all according to their rights assigned.

Lectures on Android and PC:

With BenQ Interactive Flat Panels / Touchscreen LEDs, the teacher/s now present their lectures on Android and PC including writing on the Interactive Whiteboard. Both PC and Android Sources are connected via BenQ Interactive Flat Panel to the Arec Media Station, which allows presentation / screen to directly record without the need to camera for best possible quality results. At the same time, the teacher is recorded while moving around in the class with their movement and audio via Arec Auto Tracking Camera.

Audio Visual Technologies for Smart Classroom

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