Live Streaming Solutions for Governmental Institutions

Challenges in the governmental market and AREC solution:

Live Streaming Solutions for Governmental Institutions
With Traditional and Deluxe Media Stations:
With AREC Media Capture System, speakers, computers, and auditoriums can be recorded and mixed for streaming online, making government work transparent.
AREC Media Stations start recording immediately when users press a button. Recordings can be scheduled to even remove the need to push recording button.
AREC Media Stations can stream to up to 2 platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or others at the same time.
With SpacesGate Media Collaboration System,
In addition to Traditional and Deluxe Media Station Capabilities:
With SpacesGate Stations, users can exchange their audio-visual sources with each other and work together with annotations in different modes. Annotations can be made via touch, computer mouse, or interactive display/module/projector.
SpacesGate Stations use proprietary AREC conferencing protocols and technologies. System is not affected by computer viruses and cannot be covertly accessed by a third party.

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