Video Streaming Solutions in Pakistan

Video Streaming Solutions

Video On Demand

Capable of complete regenerations in its entirety, impacts of the audio-visual recordings of lecture courses transcend territorial boundaries far exceeding the influence powers of texts or voices alone. Utilizing training courses with multi-channel recordings, trainees can get master essences of the courses via video-on-demand afterwards.

With AREC Video On Demand system, supervisors can easily distribute the lecture videos from a proprietary publishing platform and readily exercise access controls. Simply logging into the network via mobile phones, tablets, notebooks or desktops from anywhere around the world, end-users can easily take the selected courses at will, making learning with more flexible and interesting.

Video Streaming Solutions

Create Your Own Publishing Center

Over the smart AREC Media Center and AREC Lecture Publishing Platform, supervisors can directly distribute over the network the multi-media lecture videos taken during the classes. Coupled with membership management function, you readily create your own media publication centers for enterprises and schools just at your fingertips.

Full HD Video Performance

The versatile publishing platform enables users to locate their course contents quickly. The built-in easy-to-use management tools readily allow school supervisors to accomplish their management missions easily with simple clicks.

Video Streaming Solutions
Video Streaming Solutions

Supports of Multiple Mobile Devices

AREC Lecture Publishing Platform supports many different types of operation windows, allowing end-users to log into the Video On Demand system from their mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, or personal computers anywhere around the world.

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