What is elera

ELERA is a Learning Management System with an easy-to-access online portal which allows students, teachers, administrators and parents to have a seamless integrated experience. From uploading content and recorded lecture videos to marking student attendance and measuring student performance based on auto-generated reports; all has been made simple and easy to use. The flexible architecture of elera, allows customizations and API integrations in order to accommodate academic needs of the user. elera is the go-to solution for e-learning and flipped classroom.



  • Online Portal with Students, Teachers & Administrator Logins with different set of rights and permissions for each
  • Integrated Security


  • Live Class
  • Self Paced Class
  • Self Paced Milestones Class
  • Hybrid/Blended Class


  • Uploading Content and Presentations
  • Uploading Videos
  • Uploading Assignments
  • Hybrid/Blended Class


  • Attractive Design
  • Easy to use


  • Assignment Uploading
  • Online Assignment Submissions (Timed with Submission deadline)
  • Assignment Alerts
  • Assignment Auto-Checking
  • Assignment Tracking (Individual Student)
  • Assignment Manual Checking
  • Teachers Feedback and Grading
  • Grade Reporting to the Gradebook


  • Auto-Graded Quizzes
  • 14 auto graded quizzes type
  • Manually Graded Quizzes
  • Customized quizzes can be made according to the course which can help to maintain the interactive class experience
  • Quiz method and placement can be created as per requirement
  • Instant quiz/questions Feedback
  • Direct report to the Gradebook
  • Restriction on the Quizzes
  • Schedule the quizzes
  • Restriction on the Quizzes


  • Attendance Report
  • Grades Report
  • Student Tracking Report
  • Class Progress Report
  • Class-Wise Reporting
  • Branch Reporting
  • Achievement Report
  • Teachers Progress Report
  • Class Feedback


  • Cloud Storage Options (AWS)

What makes elera special

  • Responsive Design
  • Data Driven (Tracking and Reporting)
  • Full Fletched Training from the Experts
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Customization as per requirement
  • Easy integrations with custom APIs
  • Security

Why LMS now?

  • Due to Covid-19 Lockdowns, elera provides a great opportunity to switch anytime and anywhere learning model and teach in a better way
  • Best time to Flip you classroom
  • Get ahead and Digitize you classroom
  • Aid remote learning
  • Reduce Training Cost
  • Build training content once and use it over and over
  • Engage your users
  • Save lots of time
  • Increase your user base

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